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Unlock your business with private or group French lessons focuses on your activities.

What is a Murielle  Corporate Courses ?

Private or Group Coaching 

Murielle provides personalized or group sessions for effective French language learning. 

Prepare specific situations

Prepare confidently for your next business meeting, seminar. Work on a french business presentation & more with Murielle.

Work on your goal

Improve specific skills of your teams with Murielle. Each request will be studied to provide you with a personalized offer.

Do you want to improve your level and your employees ?

Murielle Corporate Courses offers tailored language programs designed to meet the unique needs of businesses and organizations.

With a focus on industry-specific vocabulary and communication skills, our Corporate Courses empower your team to succeed in multilingual environments and advance their professional development.

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Corporate Courses

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Fit for all business.

  • 4 installments payment possible
  • Private 1:1 or group courses to achieve your goals
  • Adapted to all business sectors
  • Authentic Ressources (summaries, tracking progress, etc.)
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