How to Master French in 140 days: The French Method

With a 4.9/5 rating on Google, our French program guides you through every step of your learning journey from beginner level. In this course, Murielle unveil the secrets to communicate confidently in French and let you enjoy professional courses for quality results.

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A Reference Program to Master French

Welcome to our Complete French Method, an educational journey designed to empower beginners learners up to A1 level to master the French language. With 11 modules and 137 instructional videos, our program provides a nurturing environment for language acquisition, certified by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

All The Tools You Need To Learn Efficiently

Comprehensive Modules

Explore 11 modules that cover every aspect of the French language to be able to interact in real life situations. Each module is crafted to guide your understanding of French and progressively strengthen your language skills.

Instructive Videos

Access a library of 137 educational videos, providing clear explanations and practical demonstrations to facilitate engaging learning. Covering various topics and real-life situations, these videos ensure complete immersion practice in French. 1 Lesson = 1 communication skill.

Private Coaching

Benefit from personalized one-on-one coaching sessions tailored to your individual goals. Receive targeted guidance, feedback, and support from Murielle.

Practical Exercises

Put your new language skills into practice with a range of interactive and stimulating exercises. From listening and reading comprehension exercises to writing and speaking activities, each task reinforce your understanding and expression.

Exam Preparation

Prepare confidently for language certification exams, such as the DELF, with specific exercises and exam simulations. Our course is structured to provide you with the skills needed to succeed in these official assessments and obtain internationally recognized certification.

Collaborative Platform

Immerse yourself in our collaborative learning platform, where you can interact with instructors and other learners. Exchange ideas, practice conversation, and support each other's progress for a vibrant and enriching community learning experience.

Explore the Courses Program

With 137 engaging videos spread across 11 units, The French Method offers a streamlined and educational experience. Each unit focuses on essential language skills and real-world scenarios, ensuring that you develop practical proficiency in French. From beginner basics to more complex topics, our program is suitable for all beginners learning needs.

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Choose Your Learning Method !

Find the Module that suits your learning goals. From Initiation Module to Complete French Method, our courses are tailored to accommodate your learning goals.

Complete Modules: 70H videos courses


Most Popular Complete Method

  • Access to all 11 Modules
  • Unlimited access to 137 videos
  • 2 private coaching sessions
  • Online Community
  • 99% DELF A2 Exam Success
  • Extras files (audio transcriptions, real life situation videos, exercices correction & more)
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Intermediate Modules: 45H videos courses


Best to master French

  • Access to the first 7 Intermediate Modules (Initiation, French Basics, Daily Life, Tastes expressions, At the table, Housing, City)
  • Unlimited access to 79 videos
  • 1 private coaching session
  • Online Community
  • 99% DELF A1 Exam Success
  • Extras files (audio transcriptions, real life situation videos, exercices correction & more)
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Beginner: 25H videos courses


Best to start learning

  • Access to 4¬†Initiation Modules (Initiation, French Basics, Daily Life, Tastes expressions)
  • Unlimited access to 44 videos
  • Online Community
  • Extras files (audio transcriptions, real life situation videos, exercices correction & more)
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