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Why Learning French ?

Apr 16, 2024

Mastery of several languages is a real asset nowadays.

If you speak fluently 1 language such as Arabic, English, spanish, Hindu or else...it's not enough if you wish to have a career at international.

And French is the third language of Business in the world! So why learning French for Business?


For 3 main reasons:


1. To get a first job

For young graduates looking for their first professional experience, mastering foreign languages is just as important. This is a special skill that can counterbalance the lack of experience, for example. If you are fluent in Arabic or English, learning French can boost your application for finding a job. Speaking French during your interview can be a good point for recruiters.

 2. To evolve professionally

In many ways, multilingualism can boost your professional career. A key skill in the employment jungle, the mastery of one or more foreign languages such as French, has become an indispensable prerequisite for obtaining senior positions in certain sectors of activity open to the international market. Among other things: tourism, hotels, communication, marketing, trade and human resources.


3. For a pay rise

Speaking multiple languages can also have a positive impact on pay! As reported in a 2018 study by Azduna, "job offers requiring mastery of a foreign language such as french have a salary 15% higher than the national average of gross wages offered on the site (39,376 vs. 34,250 euros).

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