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Complete E-book: 4 fundamentals for better oral in French.


In the e-book training, you will find:


4 methods to improve your oral expression + a video training + advice + exercises of


An Introduction: why perfecting your French? duration 00:02:03


A- Avoiding Oral stress:   duration 01:00:00

Why" the ball in the stomach?" (video1) 

Task1: identify your own fears (video2) 

Conclusion of task 1: my advice (video3) 

Task2: Understand your fears (testimonies of other learners (video4) 

My advice for overcoming your fers when speaking (video5) 

Task3: Create your everyday "stress helper"(video6) 

+ Task 1 : (document in pdf) 

+ Task 2: (document in pdf)

+ Task 3 : (document in pdf) 


B-Replace one word with another   duration 00:20:00

The importance of using your mother tongue (video1) 

Finding equivalents in the French language (video2)

Task1: find equivalents of the words (document in pdf) 

Finding equivalents in the French language (video3)

Task2: complete a conversation with a foreigner who is not as good as you in French.(documents in pdf) 


C-Work on automatisms  duration 00:20:00

What is an automatism (video1) + testimony (pdf document)  

Identify your difficulties in French (video2) 

Task0: to take stock of one's difficulties in French grammar ( document in pdf) 

Practicing the automatism method (video3) 

Task1 audio ( Mp3): sample exercise ( the past tense in the negative form: le passé composé) + document in pdf (transcription) 

Task2 audio (Mp3): sample exercise (the personal pronoun in the affirmative form: le/la/les) + document in pdf ( transcription) 


D-Ask for help from other person   duration 00:20:00

How to ask for help (video1+task1) 

Formulas to express incomprehension and explanation (video2) 

Task2: Listen to an audio clip (Mp3) and answer the questions ( document in pdf) 



As a BONUS: I share with you a list of exercises to practice the automatism method 

( audio mp3 and transcription in pdf)      duration: 00:50:00


Replay in 10 years
30-day money back guarantee.




"A practical and easy method that really helped me with my speaking. I recommend it." Mohammed.


" I just finished watching the e-book training. i just realized the points to work on. i will review it and practice with the exercises. Thank you Murielle! " Hana.


" Thanks to your training, I have finally found clear paths that lead me to more confidence in speaking. Thank you for all the advice you offer us!" Saif.










Complete E-book: 4 fundamentals for better oral

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    speak with confidence in french
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