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The impact of French Language in the world

French is an Indo-European language of the Romance Language family whose speakers are called francophones.

French is spoken, in 2018, on all continents by around 300 million people: 235 million use it daily and 90 million are native speakers. In 2018, 80 million pupils and students learned in French around the world. According to the International Organization of La Francophonie, there could be 700 Francophones on Earth in 2050!

Worldwide, 29 states have French as their official language. It is one of the six official languages as well as one of the two working languages of the United Nations.

French is the official or working language of many international governmental organizations, including the Universal Postal Union, it is the official or working language of many regional governmental organizations such as the African Union or the European Union and is also the official or working language for many non-governmental organizations such as the International Olympic Committee or the International Red Cross And Red Crescent Movement.

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