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delf exam preparation

Exam Preparation

Do you have to take the DELF exam?
Do you want to be ready for the D DAY? 


This course is for you!


Diligent preparation based on the annals of the exam

100% of the students who followed my method passed the exam

Only per hour 

french lessons dubai

Work on One Specific Goal

Do you need to improve one specific topic ?
You learnt French at school and you want to refresh it? 
Do you want to learn French for your career?


This course is for you!


Ideal for advanced students

100% personalized sessions based on your specific requirements

Only Package of 10 hours


Work on one goal

350 €


learn french online

Learn French

Do you want to connect with your French friend or friends?
You will spend your next holidays in France?
Do you love French and you want to learn it for your own
 interest ?

This course is for you!


Ideal for elementary, intermediate and advanced level

Level after level A1-A2-B1-B2

Work on 4 skills ( listening comprehension/written comprehension/written expression/oral expression)

At your own pace

Only Package of 36 hours


Learn French

315 €


Every month

4 instalments



Learn French

1 134 €

1 134

Full payment -10% discount

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